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FREE SHIPPING on orders over 300 EUR internationally
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Honour your skin, be kind to the planet.

NOACODE is a sustainable brand driven by a passion for design and love for the planet. Our timeless designs translate the muted elegance and practicality of the modern woman on the go. Made by women, for women, each piece reflects the desire to create a long-lasting wardrobe. Our pieces are crafted with superior fabrics that blend into every phase of a woman’s life.

We are a female-led team with experience in sourcing and supply chain in the industry. Our mission is to use luxurious materials that are ethically made to create pieces that honour our skin and are kind to the planet.

We strive to uphold sustainable practices in the sourcing of our fabrics and garments. We believe that sustainable fashion can only exist within a just system, where social rights and animal welfare are secured. We create ethical fashion with outstanding craftsmanship and fair pricing.

Each piece is designed with certified sustainable and vegan fabrics and produced to cope with the circular economy. Our pieces are made within ethical ateliers, where employees’ rights are carefully observed. All our accessories, such as buttons and inlining, are recycled, and we only use vegan and certified fabrics.

We kindly invite you to read Our Fabrics page to learn more about NOACODE’s practices, materials and certifications.




Less trends, more stories

As a sustainable brand, we celebrate slow fashion and advocate for high-quality pieces that blend into your wardrobe to tell your stories. Every detail of our designs is made from sustainable fabrics that have the lowest environmental impact. 


Social responsibility

At NOACODE, we celebrate quality over quantity. We've developed a deep knowledge of the industry, after experiencing first-hand the sourcing and production of garments in sustainable and fast-fashion. We cultivated strong relationships with our supply chain to ensure the welfare of garment workers and the safety in our ateliers. We believe that ethical fashion can and should be aligned with beautiful aesthetics.


Animal welfare

As a vegan brand, we work hard to ensure the welfare of stray animals in the communities where our supply chain and sellers are located. To help support animal shelters and stray animals support groups, we make small pouches with the leftover fabrics that are donated to these organizations to generate further income. Ethical fashion is about the entire ecosystem, and we are all part of it!